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Almay N/N loose Pwder
all almay® skin care and cosmetic products are fragrance free. some almay formulations may contain
carefully selected botanical ingredients to enhance their efficacy. all products are assessed for irritancy,
sensitizing potential and toxicity. photo toxicity and photoallergy studies are done a selective basis.
ophthalmology testing is conducted for products that, under conditions of normal usage, might contact the
eye. repeat insult patch tests are conducted on all products. in addition, these tests are followed by
clinically supervised use tests, in which a large panel of human volunteers apply the products to the areas
for which they are intended in accordance with customary usage over an extended period. safety tests are
conducted under strict supervision by independent laboratories.
Almay Powder Blush
Bright Eye Shadow Carded
Clear Complextion pressed powder
Intenese Eye Shadow Bring Out
Intenese Eye Shadow Carded