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The Baldessarini Signature represents the successful and confident man. It stands for individuals,
cosmopolitans and gentlemen who don’t feel the need take themselves too seriously. The collection is crafted
in traditional sartorial fashion, in which unconventional styles and a passion for detail are fused with exclusively
selected materials. The collection delights with ultra-light silk suits and half-lined cashmere-linen blazers,
washed-leather bomber jackets and nylon jackets with leather embellishments. Distinctive details like
perforated leather, contrasting under collars and pocket pouches are fashioned from tie silk and the club
blazers are given lavishly adorned buttons. The harmony of the colour pallet is accentuated by powerful tones.
Baldessarini Ambre Mens 1.7
Baldessarini Del Mar 3.0 edt
Baldessarini Ambre 3.0 edt