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Jovan perfumes forms part of the Coty Inc. portfolio of brands. Its history starts as Jovan Inc. in 1968, founded by
Bernard Mitchell in the city of Chicago, picking the name because it both sounded French and it resembled the
phonetics of their two main competitors, Avon and Revlon. The introduction of the very successful Jovan Musk
Oil in 1972 consolidated the potential for best-selling status. The infamous line proclaimed “Drop for drop, Jovan
Musk Oil has brought more men and women together than any other fragrance in history”, introducing a sexual
positioning advertising that paid handsomely. Subsequent successful launches paved the way to the company’s
sale to the Beecham Group in 1979. Later on, in 1988 a leveraged buyout to its managers, left the company
known as Quintessence. The Quintessence unit merged into Coty Inc. in 1993, retaining the name Jovan which
had become the stuff of many scented memories for millions of Americans and people around the world.
Jovan Musk W 3.25 col spray
Jovan Musk W 2.0 col spray
Jovan Wild Musk W 1.5 col spray
Jovan Sex Appeal Mens 3.0 Col
Musk Mens 8oz A/S cologne
Musk W Oil .33oz
Jovan Musk W 2.0 col spray
Musk Mens oz A/S