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Legendary songstress Patti Labelle expresses glamour and grace through music. Now Grammy-awarded, Apollo-
honored Patti Labelle shares that same spirited charm through her fragrances. Girlfriend perfume is a popular
youthful fragrance that refreshes with green notes and florals. Patti LaBelle Perfume, a rare find, is an
invigorating high-energy scent that skips across rhythmic measures. Patti Labelle Signature is a rich, soulful
orchid perfume that’s soothed with vanilla tones. Men can experience the magnetism of this diva with a deep
oriental cologne, Interlude. Delivering a classic attitude, Patti LaBelle perfumes hit all the right notes.
Girlfriend 3.4
Womens Fragrance
Signature 1.7
Signature 3.4
Signature BL